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We made it to Istanbul by bike!

We made it to Istanbul!

After 30 days straight with no rest and 3000km of cycling, since we left France we have finally arrived in Istanbul. In hindsight we should have had a day off but it was a bit harder and further than we had anticipated, also I get bored when I am not riding a bike! The heat started rising again into the 30’s as we approached the Turkish border. However as we road through the fields of sunflowers and past friendly men sitting outside cafes there was a genuine relief we had achieved what we set out to do. We were glad to still have a couple of days to explore the city before our flights home and to have finally finished riding a bike! Istanbul is such an amazing place the unfathomable age and the spectacular designs of the buildings is mind blowing. We did all the usual tourist things, ate good food, drank strong Turkish coffee and generally just explored on foot finding new areas to appreciate.

We stayed a fancy place in Istanbul see the link below. The place was fairly new but the owners have had a rough time of it. They were rafting guides in rural Turkey, until the government dammed the river they had license to raft, they then received a bit of compensation so set up the T loft, then the riots broke out a week later in Taksim square next door, so their bookings got cancelled and I imagine cashflow must be tight. They were incredibly helpful. Guided us around, fed us tea and snacks, helped us escape a stampeding riot!



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